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Fidelity Debit Card Agreement

When it comes to managing your personal finances, having a reliable and accessible debit card is crucial. One option that many individuals turn to is the Fidelity debit card. However, before signing up for this card, it`s important to review the Fidelity debit card agreement.

First and foremost, it is important to note that the Fidelity debit card is linked to a Fidelity Cash Management Account. This account has no monthly fees, no minimum balance requirements, and comes with FDIC insurance of up to $1,250,000. Additionally, there are no foreign transaction fees when using the debit card internationally.

Moving on to the Fidelity debit card agreement, there are a few key points to be aware of. One important aspect is the daily transaction limit. The Fidelity debit card has a daily limit of $10,000 for purchases and $1,000 for ATM withdrawals. It`s important to keep this in mind when budgeting and planning purchases.

Another aspect to consider is the overdraft policy. Fidelity does not offer traditional overdraft protection, but they do have an overdraft line of credit option. This means that if a transaction exceeds the available funds in the account, the overdraft line of credit will kick in to cover the difference. However, this option is subject to credit approval and interest rates apply.

Regarding fraud protection, Fidelity offers a $0 liability policy for unauthorized transactions. This means that if someone makes a fraudulent purchase using your debit card, you will not be held responsible for the charges.

Finally, it`s important to review the fees associated with the Fidelity debit card. While there are no monthly or annual fees for the account or the card, there are fees for certain transactions. For example, there is a $1.50 fee for non-Fidelity ATMs and a 1% foreign transaction fee for international purchases.

Overall, the Fidelity debit card agreement is straightforward and transparent. It`s important to review the daily transaction limit, overdraft policy, fraud protection, and fees before signing up for this card. With its no monthly fee, no minimum balance, and FDIC insurance, the Fidelity Cash Management Account and debit card can be a great option for those seeking a reliable and accessible way to manage their personal finances.

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